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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 22, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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down 44 points. "your world," is next. >>neil: forget the sweltering heat. keep an eye on the pressure cooker in here. because it is looking more like washington is about to explode. welcome, everybody, if the summer heat has you under the collar, look at washington, dc right now. >> those who have worked our tails off trying to get something done are told that this is a piece of crap, a piece of junk. >>neil: a long, hot weekend because the only bill that would have slashed the deficit was
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killed in the senate. and everyone was so shocked that our entire technical crew just stopped. and harry reid ain't about to talk of another $3 trillion deal. that would put off tax hikes until 2012 or after. where does that leave us? and now to reporter on how hot it will get. >>reporter: right new we are headed for default. a lot of people on wall street think there will an deal but this is not like the government shut down showdown. hear put his hands up, very frustrated and democrats are not going to carry the water for president obama and john boehner will not go for a deal that increases taxes. i don't go how they get a deal and if they do i don't know how they get 60 votes in the senate and 218 not house. there is a real dire situation and there is a clock ticking. today was the day. the 22nd when the administration said we must have a deal to look
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at it, review and vote the i have never seen a debate like this in washington in 16 years and there is in guarantee they will have a deal. >>neil: you mention that harry reid was upset and he lit up at the economic advisor to say, look, why are you keeping us out of these talks, so he is not happy. so there is a lot of infighting because john boehner is feeling that among the more restless tea party troops, so, you feel this is imploding? >>guest: i do, there is a real erosion trust. harry reid is frustrated. nancy pelosi who is not involved in the shut down talks this year not playing big role here. and people are getting jealous that the president is meeting with john boehner and on republican side a lot of the tea party guys are not trusting john boehner, they are skeptical that he is going to blink and both the left and the right are so entrenched here and i don't know how someone is not going to be
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badly politically damaged with whatever tell they come up with and, again, why see the votes at this time. how do they get there? john boehner has called this a rubic's cube. it is difficult to get a solution. >>neil: but they are aware of the deadlines and this is the day that the administration argued you had to get the agreement in place so you could avoid the august 2nd potential default and by that we just mean that you hit up against the limit and it doesn't mean that a downgrade, per se, or that we go and solve it, there is a higher risk of that. we will play that out. we hit that deadline, if we break that deadline, how soon before you think the credit rating answers react? >>guest: they have been aggressive about putting the united states on notice and working behind the scenes of the treasury which has been lobbying them not to do what they have been doing setting out the warnings. >>neil: if they are worried
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they have a funny way to she it, the dow jones industrial average was up 200 points when all the back and forth was going on and even when doles looked closest epa waited and -- looked close would evaporate so what does wall street see or not see, that you do? >>guest: there is the disconnect between wall street and washington, dc. washington, dc does not understand wall street and i have talked to a congressional aide and he worked on capitol hill and now working on wall street, and he said they don't understand the tea party and the votes, and when they have the deadlines they usually get a deal. but i don't think this is normal and that is why i think maybe nancy pelosi is right, maybe the stock market has to plunge 400 or 500 or 600 points to shake it up to game change this and then they get a deal. >>neil: that is what happened last tight, and in 2008 when the president, then president bush had a bailout, financial bailout
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in the works and the house repudiated that and we had 800 point fall of the dow jones industrial average the biggest in history and they got around to passion it. you think it with come to that? >>guest: they will neat something very dramatic so that people on main street are losing their retirementization and that will basically form some type of con piece. it is very interesting, though, this week john boehner has said he is trying to convince his troops that they do need to compromise. he did not want to use this word in interviews this year, compromise, he preferred common ground. so there is a shift on john boehner's part, but it is very hard and they are trying to get creative as is mcconnell but the right does not like his stopgap solution and i don't know how anything like that can move the house. the balanced budget amendment passing in the house and fell short in the senate that is just dead. a dead bill. kit not move. >>neil: but it illustrated the
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differences between not only the two houses but the two parties. thank you, buddy, as always. you have had a great read on this. i hope you are wrong on this. harry reid is not the only one feeling left out of this. >> what does the financial future of america rest on? secret talks? talks between a few individuals going on behind closed doors far from the view of the american public? i find that process disgutting. >>neil: senator johnson fed up with the secrecy of the talks. you are like harry reid, right? not pleased with how this is going. >>guest: my side is actually putting forward a plan and put it on paper and presented it to the american public but harry reid has not and president obama has not. and the problem is, your early guest said the normal thing is there would be a deal by now. thing of that, the normal thing is a deal at the last minute with a few people involved in
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this thing working on a $3.7 trillion a year budget. that is disgusting. >>neil: you are right. you are right to be frustrated but to say they did not offer a deal, you may not like the deal they offered that included tax hikes and you are free to fowl that way but there are alternates to yours and you do not want tax hikes. >>guest: have you seen anything? have you seen anything on paper, anything you can analyze other than leaks to the press? >>neil: have you? that is the problem because there are a lost proposals going back and forth that both sides, you are not the only one to say you have not seen anything on paper, a lofts republicans want to see what john boehner is negotiating. but my guest says that is what a blown deal will be made oren made. are you worried if we don't do this? >>guest: first of all, how do you gain consensus when you do not show the troops what the plan is? and we have not seen it.
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and, again, i primarily blame the president who put forward a budget and i blame the democrats in the senate that have not passed a budget in over 800 days. this is absurd. >>neil: play it out for me. we ten daze away, do you think that we're going to get a deal done in time or no? >>guest: what i would be willing to do, the house passed the cup, cap and balance which is the solution, it is simple, and--. >>neil: it failed in the senate. >>guest: they stopped it. the american people, 66 percent, supported cut, cap and balance and 74 percent support a balanced budget amendment so that has a great deal of public support. >>neil: you might be right, but it failed in the senate and harry reid and the democrats control the senate and you may wish it could be revoted on but that does not appear likely assuming that is a continue deal
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for the moment, it would appear that a debt deal is done. finished. right? >>guest: what i am saying, cut, cap and balance had three days play. and it garnered a lot of public support. what i am willing to do is i would be willing to grant a short-term extension to take our case to the american people for 30 days or 60 days, and the tea party guy that i am i am willing to take cuts up front, give 60 days to work this problem out, because cut cap and balance is a solution. >>neil: would you be open to ending tax breaks or credits to make it go forward? >>guest: i ran a small business for 32 years, i never came to washington for special tax break. i don't like special tax breaks. >>neil: would you be okay to dispense with them? >>guest: when they show me what they are. but show me the actual loopholes and i am happy to do that and i am happy for structural tax
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reform with you will not do that in a couple of weeks. there is con sense us that we want to do that. >>neil: good luck. conditioning appears to be fiddling while washington is burning and we are burning up. look at this. >> is it hot out there? people are down right miserable. they are suffering through the brutal temperatures. but, tomorrow you don't have to. instead, you could be doing this. it started! it started! >>neil: it could be you inside where it is cool and were watching something cool. that would be me. because i will be live coming to you in your air conditioning family room at 10:00 a.m. eastern for a special "budget
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brawl," with herman cain, and mike crapo, and art laffer, and elliott engel, a congressman, and the pope. just seeing if you were paying attention. and many, many more, the "budget brawl, taking it to the limit." you do not want to go outside. i was losing waits when i walked outside. you do not want did go outside. coming up--. >> those who have worked our tails off are told this is a piece of crap, a piece of junk. >>neil: forget cut and crap, and now the democrats are cutting and run. can the president raise the debt limit himself? bill clinton says he can. mark levin and the president agree? the great one is here.
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>>neil: you are looking like at capitol hill and it is right now 100 degrees in washington and the hotter it gets the harder it is to stay cool. all the president is asked them to step up, 32 democrats and 32 republicans and ignored that and does nothing until the spend comes here to try to bail it out and say look i took care of everything and america is worried to death about the future. those would have worked our tail off to try to get something done are told this is a piece of crap. a piece of junk and the future of america is at stake. and this majority leader is not allowing us to deal with it. >>neil: that senator is joining us, senator coats, good to have you. >>guest: sits hot. >>neil: remind me never to get in a debate with you that was fantastic. what kind of reaction did you get? >>guest: i got a lot of reaction from a lot people who share the frustration i have and
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that is we have months and months and months of promises and promises and nothing done, moving toward another crisis and the president not stepping forward or the democrats putting forth any plan whatever so we bring something forward and harry reid shuts it down before we can debate it after telling us we need to be here debating it. >>neil: they have insisted when you present a plan they called for no revenue enhancements or tax hikes, and you are not moving forward. that's a nonstarter to them. you guys have insisted it is a nonstarter to even discuss tax hikes so you seem to be just nowhere near the middle and we had a guest at the outset who said that means this debt limit thing isn't going to be reached and we are going to shut down; t true? >>guest: this would be a perfect opportunity for democrats to come forward, debate with us, offer amendments. if necessity want to add an amendment, adding taxes, they
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could. but of course they didn't want to talk about it or come and have a vote because they were afraid it would go back home and be hard to explain to the people so they shut down debate and shut down the whole process of why we are here, the whole reason we are here, the whole reason the senate is in business, because they didn't want to talk about what they urge us to do. >> do you think the spot playing you and hoping he will have as much luck with republicans and sticking this on them as bill clinton did with the last government shut down? >>guest: well, that certainly is something on everybody's mind, are we being played with. but the problem is the crisis is for real. and we need to step up and make the tough choices and we are ready to debate the choices but what is motivating the white house to do what it is, i don't think anyone knows for sure. >>neil: there has been talk, senator, of the $3 trillion compromise, $3 trillion in agreed cuts over the next 10
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years, and there is also talk that tagged to that is $1 trillion in tax loophole closings, which would be tax hikes, and there are some in your party who are okay with that if tax rates are not increased. how do you feel about that? >>guest: i have supported a bipartisan plan along with ron wyden for comprehensive tax reform and use that revenue to reduce rates for businesses and for individuals so that we could stimulate the economy and get it moving and get people back to work and if that is part of the plan that is not a tax increase that is taking all the egregious things that the democrats are talking about and i agree some them ought to be eliminated. why not take that revenue, use its to stimulate business and to give individuals a break if their taxes and that will stimulate the economy, and bring revenue into the government as more and more people work and businesses make more money. >>neil: you are not going to
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be able to strike a deal on time, are you? >>guest: well, listen, in the responsibility, if that is the case, i have not given up hope. i am from end end and i have seen a lot of basketball games won in the last minute or 30 seconds so i will keep fighting but right now unless people get serious with this and allow us to debate something, we may not. now, maybe the president will pull something out of a hat but i would lick to know and the people of indiana would like to know about it before we say "yes." >>neil: good luck this weekend. what is good for bill is not good for president obama, who is not so keen on risking a constitutional crisis and raising the debt limit by itself. and constitutional scholar mark levin agrees with the president. the great one on this great moment, he and the big guy are in agreement.
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>>neil: former beck beck says he should do it and the president talked to the lawyers about possibly invoking the 14th amendment to hike the debt limit but the tones -- attorneys are not convinces. and what does mark levin think about that? and he joins on the phone. so, on this you agree with the president? >>guest: the president agrees with me. which president are we talking about? >>neil: the present president. >>guest: the impeached president doesn't get it is which is why he got impeached but it authorizes congress to borrow money, the 14th amendment
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requires payment of debt already authorized. so you cannot use the 14th amendment to back door behind the article one and i am sure obama was forum shopping which is what he likes to do and they said that is impeachable offense and you would us such -- you would usurp the legislative authority. >>neil: he might have known he could not win but what president clinton was saying was fight it out if the courts. >>guest: president clinton was saying lets the law catch up with you that is how i work. how does that work out for him? i don't think obama has to do that because he has boehner, boehner will throw him a lifeline and come to the rescue. >>neil: stop right there, i have been listening to you. >>guest: you should. >>neil: you have a great show, a great host, but you have been relentless criticizing john boehner. you think he is in with the president on this. you thing he is not a tea partier. he is not sympathetic to their
1:25 pm
point. explain. >>guest: he undermined the cut, cap, balance efforts. he allowed to vote to take place and it passed with bipartisan, five democrats in the house of representatives. what you are missing today, is harry reid pulled a fast one, pushing the vote fast on procedure because momentum is building in the nation and i can tell you this, 66 percent of the american people support this and that is cnn poll. all we need is flip three democrats and it came very, very close in the senate and i keep hearing guy on the hill, well, this is dead. excuse me? all we need is flip three phony moderates. >>neil: but you have harry reid would has to agree and that is what makes it a herculean task. >>guest: all of it is a herculean task. the whole nation is a tea party. the whole nation is sick and tired of this. and let me also explain one
1:26 pm
other thing. $29 billion is the cost of not defaulting. $29 billion. not paying for all of the president's massive programs, increased spending over two years by 25 percent he is asking, really, for $2.5 trillion more the next 18 months which mcconnell was about to hand him on top of a predicted $25 in red ink over ten years and my guest says we have a calamity august 2 end, we have a disaster coming if this president and his party are not stopped right now. >>neil: you think regardless of what happens august 2nd we set the stage for financial disaster anyway. and the ratings agencies where the process looking to downgrade our debt, long before we came to this brink, what do you make of that? >>guest?
1:27 pm
people read what they say the rating ages and i read the latest reports both put them out and you can read them online they are not saying they want a deal, they want an agreement to deal with this humungous debt that is is being created. and the cut, cap and balance amendment is the most moderate balanced approach. we are only talking about cutting a few hundred billion the first year but they are putting in place a mechanism that gradually starts retiring debt, gradually starts slowing spending, but it is portrayed as some extreme right wing thing by the people who have driven us to the edge of the cliff. >> you are saying the fear tactic, we miss august 2nd and suddenly it is insolvency and default and say the president deliberately makes bad on some the social security checks and does not pay them out open the 3rd or the 4th, that ain't real, ain't happening?
1:28 pm
>>guest: i have been talking about there for two weeks and no one has disproven this $29 billion interest to service the debt. we bring in $200 billion. interesting they keep raising the 14th amendment and the president has no choice but to pay that. come august 2nd and 3rd and then he makes decision, he can decide what he wants to pay. now, i would say i would start with active service military, take care of the vets and social security. >>neil: he has the discretion to say what bill dozen -- bills do we pay? >>guest: as far as i know. i am not an expert on the social security act but why not? this is what is amazing. we go to the republicans and say, you have to relent. they are the people what represent the american people the best. and i tell you why because they reflect what occurred in november and if we get our hands on this white house and the
1:29 pm
senate but we can't for 18 months this whole washington would be changed and we would not be at the bring over $29 billion. what does raising taxes have to do with $29 billion? why did we have to raise one cent in taxes to pay $29 billion next month? why get it. >>neil: if point. what i find that even when i am agree with you i am scared because you yell at me and i don't know what to do with the tollup question. >>guest: it is that tie you wear, it gets to me. >>neil: it is not necessary, but i love your show, great job, we will see what happens, you tell it like it is. the best selling author, constitutional scholar and right now an angry guy. first we will crash and burn off a cliff and now we will be drinking dirty water. pike
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1:34 pm
victims' phones or has these allegations been corroborated and says the story arose when another person identified to the "daily mirror," what happened and printed this speculation which has had no substantiation. having said that, the stock of news corporation went down about 12 cents to $60.85 a share with the hacking scandal broadening and the file, "is involved. and news corp is say leg is nothing there. we will keep you posted. >> fed up? as lawmakers pony up. federal workers are worried their paychecks and pensions will be cut when a deal is cut and now they are fighting back with this new union ad. all who can we town to? >> to watch over our bank
1:35 pm
deposits. >> to protect our water. and the air we breathe. >> who can we turn to? to monitor drugs for safety. to against our betters? federal employees provide vital services to against our national security, support our economy, and improve our health. federal employees work for us. >> and republicans are killing them. the former governor, mike huckabee, governor, we are going to drink dirty water and we are killing all federal employees. >>governor huckabee: they bought some radio, as well, this is a psa for division $200,000 in a couple of dozen markets which tells me when it is that wide of a view on youtube video, their real purpose is--. >>neil: you are good with that lingo. >>governor huckabee: when
1:36 pm
you buy that small of a buy you are trying to get free media attention. in other words trying to do exactly what we are talking about here today. we're talking about it. and of course federal workers do important things. but so do private sector workers. everybody's economy is on the line. and i don't necessarily blame the federal workers but it is self serving to act like they are the only ones would will be affected if congress cannot get its act together. >>neil: what they seem to say is an effort to stall to kills us effectively. >>governor huckabee: well, that is what ads do. it is like if you don't buy this product your teeth are going to fall out. if you don't buy this car, chances are you will not get to your destination. the federal employees make it sound if this is a reduction in anything in the federal budget, you will be drinking sewage, you will probably not be able to
1:37 pm
experience that lovely massage called a pat down at the airport, and there will be so many horrible things. >>neil: i think you still will. that is one of the ... your next pat down will be a humdinger. we tried to reach out with witho response from the other side. these are the fear tactics when we get close to government shut down. where do you think it goes? ings it is so unpredictable. when you had bob from the hill on, if any anyone is a good observer, i listened to him, and i thought, bob is in tune with what is doing on in the underlying dynamics and he may be right. but what we really have and this is unfortunate, president obama is, to be blunt, a poser. just to be blunt. this is a cowboy riding a stick horse. he refuses to put something
1:38 pm
specific on the table and say, here is my plan. here are the details. you have the house who you may not like their plan but they have a land and it is in the form of a bill, it has been voted on, and the senate just their smug way dismissed it but they have put nothing in its place. and that is what americans need to focus on, that the only body that has put something credit on the table has been the house republicans. and the president hasn't done it and the senate democrats have not done it. if obama is serious, tell us what you do not like, be specific, and amend the house bill, do not just reject it and say you are waiting for something else. that is not negotiation. that is hostage holding. >>neil: good stuff. tomorrow on huckabee, israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu tomorrow night. in the meantime, also, tomorrow,
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who would you rather check out? these babes on the beach? or this buff guy right here? starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern time, there will be nothing hotter, ladies, two hours of me, or three, congress is taking this debt fight to the limit and so are we. we are live with the likes of herman cain, ron paul, president obama's trusted economic adviser, art laffer, and too many to list and i could be changes out of outfits, ladies, that is all i will say, so if you want to be hot outside if this ex-cruciatessing heat or do you want to want me? got do tune in tomorrow for or special "budget brawl, take it to the limit." >>governor huckabee: what channel are those women on? >>neil: why want you back on this show. two of three americans want you out incumbents, a wake-up call
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>>neil: there is a new poll that says 63 percent of americans will look around for someone new to elects and it isn't hard to see why. the best selling author is showing us. are republicans justify as vulnerable? >>guest: democrats are more vulnerable but make no mistake the number one attribute the membership are looking for is someone would listens to their concerns and represents their voice in washington. and so they look at the fighting and they wonder hocks -- who is fighting for them. obama has demonstrated she willing to compromise essential to people in the middle, the independents. but republicans have done a reasonably good job of communicating to their base they are not willing to give on tax increases. but right new the public looks at this and says, guys, just get it done.
1:44 pm
>>neil: and in a speech today, largely to supporters, the president said i am trying to get something done. the meaning of the last year's election was whatever the change is, get something done. does he have a point? or, or, or is he just forcing a dead issue? >>guest: this is something we have not talked about. this is the segment that chooses between republicans and democrats each election, swing voters, floating voters and they want someone to get something done more than any other, other than listening. and residence are nervous because they have a segment, the tea party who do not want to get something done if that includes increased spending or higher taxes or more regulation so the two blocks are playing to different constituencies and in the end the whole election is up for grabs. for incumbents it is on them
1:45 pm
when they go home to communicate why they did what they did not just what they did. >>neil: the president looking at 45 percent approval rating. presidents with those ratings at this stage of the game, update me on the history of the trend. >>guest: well, it is too wily. the lowest to win was 48 job approval. you need to be at 50 percent. the smart strategy--. >>neil: well, we just lost hip. the white house did not criminal that particular video feed but well look interest it. nothing personal, frank. yesterday remember when i suggested what apple could do with the money they are sitting on? i said take over the united states government, next a woman with a more practical idea, hire folks and enforce it by the
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1:49 pm
. >>neil: today mcdonald's reporting they brought in $7 billion last quarter and apple and microsoft and caterpillar and google, many, many more making many more billions and it has many wondering why unemployment is 9.2 percent. my guest says the companies have an obligation to hire workers and a democratic strategist joins me. you brought this up on fox business network and if you don't have fox business network, demand it, but if you did not have the opportunity to catch you, you raise an interesting arguments companies earning this money have an argument to hire people. why? >>guest: well, because the historic profits are being
1:50 pm
balanced on the backs of consumers and workers so what we see are companies--. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, why is that on their backs? >>guest: on their backs because when you have big oil with a 40 percent profit increase in one year in our gas prices going up in an economic downturn there is a moral problem here and i know they are not held to moral standards, the business. >>neil: does apple have the moral obligation siting on $80 billion? >>guest: the companies at least have an obligation to not be laying off employees if they don't need to. what companies are doing right now is laying off employees, getting greater roddist from existing employees but the wages stagnant and they are cutting benefits so the existing employees are not, they are being treated poorly, and, at the same time, we also have companies like general mills when the price of corn is going down they jack up the prices and admitting--.
1:51 pm
>>neil: because their prices have again up. and only recently are they doing better so in this environment, when you don't know what is coming out of washington, and taxes could be going up and we don't know if they are going do deal with this debt thing, and now not two c.e.o.'s or c.f.o.'s can agree on what is coming, why shouldn't they be more productive with what they have and prepare for rainy day problems ahead? >>guest: what they are doing is taking advantage of the crisis situation, similar to the economic downturn right now, and they not just holding tight and being able, they are not going about business at usual. >>neil: say they lose money, are they free to lay off? >>guest: of course, american business can do what they want but we should tell the truth where the big profits are coming
1:52 pm
from. they are coming because--. >>neil: is making money wrong? >>guest: making money is not inherently wrong but if it comes at the cost of laying off people when you don't have to, or at charging--. >>neil: how do you know they don't have to? isn't capitalism about making money and growing your business so you can hire people we are only a couple years out from the worst financial meltdown since the great depression why should they look to do anything more aggressive than what they do? >>guest: how about they don't do anything aggressive but they do not aggressively pursue profits but we are not talking about regular profits we are talking about historic profits. >>neil: apple, and you targeting oil. do you want an people to do the same thing? >>guest: i wrote prefer this apple if they went out and said we will slab our workforce, which is what a lot 6 companies are doing, there is something
1:53 pm
morale bankrupt about that. if they don't need to they should not be doing it if they have historic profits they should stop trying to gorge consumers. and haynes admitted the price of cotton is coming down but they will pay more because they think the price has gone up. >>neil: but they were going way up. but i digress. thank you, care line. you were great, thank you very much. more of this including interrupting the tea party dunking for a little fact finding, the guys did not raise the debt. guess what? these guys did. i used to see the puddles, but now i see the splash. ♪ i wanted love, i needed love ♪
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1:57 pm
facts. we were headed to the cliff before the tea partyers arrived. let's get some useful facts. the opposition to tax hike didn't bring to us the brink. washington's spending dilled. fact two, the tea partyers didn't create the deficit, washington did. fact three, tea partyers didn't wreck the budget this year. try democrats who had total control of everything in washington, not even offering a budget at all last year. fact four, tea partyers aren't the reason we're up against another debt limit. washington is. fact five, tea partyers aren't suddenly to blame for the credit rating agency now putting this country's credit on watch. credit rating agencies first warned about this years ago. fact six, tea party have been consistently opposed to the gimmicks that created the mess. washington offered more gimmicks to allegedly fix this mess. fact seven. tea partyers aren't the only
1:58 pm
one saying a debt hike without meaningful spending cut is a waste. standard & poor's itself warned a deal would be a travesty. fact eight, tea partyers aren't the crazy ones for saying it's time to stop the nonsense. those who call them crazy for speaking the obvious are the ones who make no sense. fact nine, tea partyers resisting business as usual, aren't the possible right now. self-serving politicians practicing business as usual are. fact ten, tea partyers demanding accountability isn't the stuff that brought to us the brink. washington's continued failure to be accountable has us at the brink. so let me be clear. before we bag tea partyers focus first on who is really in the tank. those who sooner blame the tea partyers for speaking out on spending than the very politicians doing the spending. we play in to washington's game when we make a mockery of those who question and resist the childish antics. no, it isn't the tea partyers who are childish. it's the folks in washington
1:59 pm
that they rightry expect to demand to finally start acting like adults. children might enjoy a game of kick the can down the road. after a while, adults get tired of getting kicked in the can especially when they see you know what? we're out of road. did any of you see this? popsicle melting away in the nation's capital has the debt clock keeps clicking. something to make you melt. tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern, live with the special budget brawl. taking it to the limit with the g.o.p. presidential candidate herman cain z ron paul, gang of six member mike crapo, art laffer, ronald reagan's top money guy, eliot angle and the tax fighter in the middle, grover norquist, so many more. you have a choice, you can head out early to the beach and sweat and maybe see beautiful women and let's say i don't know spring bikinis or, or,


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